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Big or small, fancy or organic, in a city or island, whatever style you want for your wedding day, we’ll make sure it looks perfect! We have experience and dreamy locations all over Greece, so you can be sure that your planners have your back and will take care of everything! What are your wedding needs?

Take a look at our services.

Wedding planning & design services: overall coordination



Our team will assist you with the accommodation for you and your guests, by selecting and booking the best hotels in Greece.

We provide a stress-free experience for our clients, handling all the stressful parts of your wedding.

We will help you with the legal requirements of your wedding, advise you regarding the paperwork you need to fill before you arrive in Greece sand address all the questions you may have.

We will provide a detailed program for your wedding day, as well as make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

We will handle the décor, vendors, and venues and anything you might need to make your wedding dreams come true!

Wedding planning & design services: partial wedding planning


wedding planning

Partial Wedding Planning is a popular choice among couples who need some assistance, but they also have some things figured out themselves.

We will handle the styling and the decoration of the venue, your wedding day dessert tables, and party installations, and everything else important to you.

Wedding planning & design services: complete wedding planning


wedding planning

A wedding takes time and effort to put together and we’re familiar with the tight schedules of the modern-day couples.

All our clients work and live in a demanding
environment with no time left to plan a wedding!

Our company offers a Complete Wedding Planning package – this includes everything wedding related!
As the couple, you can be as involved as you want and still be confident you’re your wedding day will be all you ever dreamed it would be.

This is handy for couples that live abroad and cannot visit Greece before their wedding or couples with super busy schedules.

We will make sure your wedding day

looks and feels its best!

Wedding planning & design services: wedding consulting

wedding consulting

We offer a tailor-made consulting experience, according to your wedding needs and preferences. With a wedding consultation, we’ll be able to determine the style of your wedding; we will analyze in detail the colors, the flowers, your wedding cake, the music, the atmosphere, the photography,

and videography, as well as the venue for your event, as well as the vendors who will turn

your wedding vision into reality.

Wedding planning & design services: budget estimation and analysis

Not all couples have the same budget when it comes to their wedding and this is fine!

Together we will customize and analyze your wedding budget and also, we will advise you on where to spend and where to save!

Our team will help you estimate the expenditures and create the ideal event for you, completely in sync with your financial plan!

budget estimation &


Wedding planning & design services: event design

event design

Atmosphere and feelings are what make or break a wedding day, and we’re focused on creating dynamic experiences for the couples that choose us!

We can help you with selecting and presenting to you a collection of wedding venues for your special day. We work with a variety of estates, hotels, and villas to choose from and we will present to you the best vendors to match your aesthetics and the best wedding professionals, such as talented florists, makeup artists, pâtissiers and catering services.

Wedding planning & design services: wedding coordinator

An event coordinator will help you on the day of the event and will keep everything running smoothly – even if you made all the arrangements!

A wedding coordinator will help with the onsite events, as well as making sure that the running order of your wedding day is followed perfectly – helping you be what you’re supposed to be on your wedding day; the bride and groom!



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