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salty and sandy

Dreaming big… for your micro wedding!
Micro weddings started trending because of necessity, but I get the feeling that they will become a bridal top choice because not only they are cool, but they can fit all a couple is dreaming for their wedding, into their budget!
This styled shoot was designed for this kind of wedding exactly! 
A micro wedding of 8 people, including the bride and groom, can be located at the most magical, secluded spot! Can you think of a better place than where the element of earth meets the element of water – AKA the beach?
We want you to visualize a peaceful ceremony followed up by an intimate dinner,

all softly colored by the warm light of the sun, as it sets…
Now that we mentally travelled you there, are you smelling the roses? Can you feel the moist sand under your bare feet? Are you comfortably seated, talking and laughing and drinking chilled wine,

with some of your favorite people on this world, wishing for this night to never end?
If the answer is yes, then we have accomplished our mission… for now!

Photography Vasilis Kouroupis

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