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Kythnos and Kea: The Prettiest Islands to Have a Destination Wedding in Greece

A destination wedding in Kythnos and Tzia is the gift of summer to your love story and the ideal way to celebrate your life together. We wholeheartedly believe in utterly romantic wedding design and beautiful aesthetics, to make your celebration stand the test of time and create the loveliest wedding memories to cherish forever! Our work is timeless like the style and atmosphere of the wonderful greek islands you can choose for your wedding.

Destination Wedding in Kythnos and Kea

We love the aura of these islands, especially for a destination wedding in Greece, as well as the combination of the summer holidays feeling with the white and the blue of the greek islands. Couples are in a great mood as they are in the mood for a holiday, as well as a celebration with friends beyond their wedding day and a shared experience! Kythnos and Kea are two of the prettiest wedding destinations in Greece. They are equipped to host all types of weddings, but for us, they are perfect for a romantic wedding style, lighter, more bohemian in vibe.

Both Kythnos and Kea are small islands, but beautiful and picturesque with wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. They are very easily accessible, highly cultured, and with a lot of character. We can’t help but like the landscape of both islands as well as their blue waters and endless summer feeling.

Both islands offer secluded villas and venues to accommodate large or small parties for each couple’s favorite guest. Moreover, on both islands, you can find elegant spaces and picturesque locations for parties on the beach. Kythnos and Kea are ideal for couples who want to have a beautiful destination wedding in Greece with their loved ones and for couples who want to get married by the sea.

Especially as the wedding trends nowadays call for smaller weddings or elopements with just the couple or with a handful of close friends, we believe that considering islands like these are a great option! Couples can host for their family and friends an unforgettable 3-day party. Everyone will be in such a good sunny mood and everyone is more relaxed on our vacation.

Destination Wedding in Kythnos

We love the relief of Kythnos, the bare, sun-baked slopes of its low hills, the play of the afternoon light on them as you travel along the main road along the island’s backbone. Kythnos, the island of simplicity and hospitality and it will most certainly lead you to Cycladic paths, to whitewashed settlements, to the beautiful villages of Hora and Dryopidae, and to 99 beaches that will make you quickly realize that you are on a terrestrial paradise and a truly beautiful wedding destination in Greece.

Despite its bare appearance at first glance, Kythnos hides many different sights when you better get to know it: scattered chapels, two central villages (Hora – aka Messaria – and Dryopidae), caves, the ruins of ancient temples and medieval castles, the hydrotherapy facility built in 1840, the iron bridges of the old mines, and small oases of green near the coasts and wherever there are ravines such as in Mathia with its old washhouse. All of these things tell Kythnos’ story in their own way; meanwhile, as a wedding destination, it is growing ever more sophisticated.

We really like the aura of Kythnos island as well as the combination of the summer holidays with the white and the blue of the Aegean. A destination wedding in Kythnos is a lovely experience for everyone involved.

Wedding in Kythnos: The beauty of the landscape

The Cycladic island of Kythnos has landscapes that will seduce you, with colors and scents of the Aegean and stories that delicately mix legend and myth with history. Its name is derived from the ancient Greek verb “keftho”, which means “hide”. There is so much hidden beauty and authentic Aegean character here, even though it’s just a short hop by ferry from Athens.

The island is scattered with picturesque Cycladic villages that boast narrow streets of cobbled stone and gardens full of flowers; chapels emerge from rocky headlands and forest glades; a sprawling coastline reveals a hundred bays and coves, all suitable for swimming and romantic little moments. Legend has it that caves make the ideal hideouts for fairies and elves that blessed the young and in love, urging them to pursue their love.

Wonder around the island and there are the aromas of oregano and thyme, picturesque windmills harnessing the Aegean winds, and lonely lighthouses whose light imparts a sense of safety and hope. This is Kythnos, a living fairy tale inviting you to experience it together with its hospitable residents, an island ready to fall in love with and have a beautiful destination wedding in Greece.

Wedding in Kythnos: The hidden beauties

Hora is the capital of the island and the buzzing center of its existence. Otherwise known as Messaria, is the capital of the island, built on a hilly ridge along which houses unfold and hold many beautiful locations for a wedding day. Walk hand in hand along the maze-like footpaths, under ornate arches and flanked by whitewashed houses, all huddled together in true Aegean style. Around every corner, you will see paintings by local residents depicting many aspects of island life. Feel the calm pace of everyday life among churches, windmills, fountains, and small squares.

Popular among travelers that seek thermal springs, the area on the northeast side of the island is well-known for its thermal springs. Today, there is a hydrotherapy center with organized facilities to enjoy. We always suggest to couples to organize for their friends a relaxing morning in the spa as a prewedding treat. The therapeutic waters, rich in salts, sulfur, and iron, offer a warm bathing experience and rejuvenate everyone before a wedding!

For a romantic stroll or a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer, Dryopidae will charm you. Quiet, far from the sea and its winds, this little hamlet lends itself to leisurely strolls. You will be impressed by the originality of the houses, all of which have tiled roofs, probably remnants of the village’s tradition in ceramics. The Piazza, the town’s only square, is where you will enjoy a coffee and share a romantic moment with your beau.

Are you a beach party kind of couple? Kolona Beach (and all the other beautiful beaches of the island really) is for you! A narrow strip of heavenly sand is surrounded by the sea, creating two independent beaches. The deep blue, limpid waters and the uniqueness of the landscape justify its description as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean and dare we say an ideal locale for a beach party?

Wedding in Kythos: Its unique flavor

Food and culture play a major role when searching for a wedding location. Especially as in a destination wedding you’re offering to yourself and your guests a cultural experience rather than simply a wedding celebration. Pre Wedding or post-wedding tasting experiences are our proposed way of understanding and immersing in the island's unique personality. On Kythnos you can find everything: traditional local flavors such as the sfougata (croquettes made with fresh local cheese curds), tarachta (a dish made with eggs and tomatoes), as well as fresh takes on classic Greek flavors and century-old traditional recipes. You can pair your meal with locally produced un-bottled wine or bottled wines from the island’s various estates.

Wedding in Kythos: Style

Kythnos can accommodate all wedding styles but our heart is set on lighter concepts and textures as they would complement the destination ideally! A more romantic wedding style, with lighter elements and colors or a more bohemian vibe, would be perfect on Kythnos. The island is ideal for big parties or more intimate affairs! We have a unique connection with the island. We believe that if couples got to experience its unique atmosphere it would be a really beautiful and fulfilling experience for them!

Destination Wedding in Kea

One hour from Athens, the Greek Island of Kea remains a local secret – an Athenian weekend hangout and summer hideaway where people mark their patch with a second home and a speedboat, truly a very beautiful island for a destination wedding in Greece. You can reach the island from the lesser-known port of Lavrio in the very southeast of Attica, Greater Athens – a port that’s not as easily accessible or as connected to the scattering of Greece’s islands as the popular ferry hub of Piraeus. Not many people have heard of the tiny island, but it is the closest Cyclades getaway to mainland Greece. And one that feels much, much further away. Maybe this is what gives Kea – known to locals as Tzia Island – its natural charm, coveted by those in the know like a secret garden whose gate is open if you know where to find it.

Wedding in Kea: The hidden beauties

Kea Greece sits in the Aegean sea and is the closest to Athens inhabited Cycladic island. Kea is just an hour away from the port of Lavrion in Athens. Thanks to its proximity to Athens, Kea is a very popular wedding destination among the locals, especially for weekend getaways!

Even though it is a Cycladic island, Kea isn’t similar to its Cycladic counterparts. Unlike the rest of the Cyclades islands, Kea is a verdant island with forests and cultivations galore. What’s more, instead of the traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses, it is full of traditional farmhouses and villas in earthy tones covered in stone sourced locally!

In the inland of Kea, you'll find a green natural paradise! The island is home to rare plant species and wild animals, such as birds, and reptiles. Thus, Kea is an excellent wedding destination for nature-loving couples and exploration aficionados.

The capital of Kea island is Ioulida, a beautiful village, which emits a relaxing vibe, thanks to its traditional architecture and car ban! In Ioulida, you’ll find a Medieval castle, a vestige from the Venetian era, and the Archaeological Museum of Ioulida. Other beautiful villages in Kea are Vourkari, Korissia, and Otzias. As for Kea beaches, some of them, such as Gialiskari, Koundouros, and Korissia, are organized, while others are secluded and completely unspoiled like our personal favorite Karthea! The prehistoric settlement of Karthea located on the southern side of the island, was the most important of the four ancient cities of Kea and while little of it remains, what does tempts the historically curious. Bathing is a continuation of sightseeing at Karthea, and this is the only bay on the island where scuba is forbidden, lest divers carry off a triglyph or the head of Apollo. Snorkeling is permitted though, and in miraculously clear water there is plenty of fish to look at, among the building blocks of the old harbor.

Wedding in Kea: Its unique flavor

Kea’s regulars come to eat well and relax, on the beach and in their low-slung villas, which are made of rust-colored local stone and set into the steep hillsides so as not to stand out. There are not many hotels and fewer ugly block buildings. Rather than build new roads to remote beaches, the Keans have restored ancient mule tracks and waymarked them for hikers. Theirs is a postmodern Greek island. Kea draws on a civilized clientele of Athenian weekenders and second homeowners in retreat from the city as well as tourists that know this is a unique out-of-the-ordinary destination, perfect for a wedding in Greece and a place to start your honeymoon.

Wedding in Kea: Style

Kea is the perfect wedding destination for couples wanting to tie the knot near Attica and we can’t help thinking it goes best with a laidback styling, a lighter color palette, and subtle bohemian tones. The island can accommodate each wedding style, according to each couple’s needs. However, a simple more guest-centered styling we think will make all the difference!

We’d love to guide you through and help you plan a beautiful destination wedding in Kea or Kythnos! We definitely believe that the natural charm, grace and unique character of these islands will create the most beautiful canvas for your wedding day. When dreaming of your wedding in Greece, take a look at the celebrations we’ve created! We’ll love to chat, contact us!

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