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Why flowers are important for a wedding.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Flowers can be found everywhere at a wedding – from bouquets and boutonnieres,

to flower petals down the aisle at the ceremony, and even artistic floral creation for

table centerpieces. Flowers are a key component of any wedding and they bring

mindfulness and wellness to each affair!

Also, they add extra color, texture, and the special feeling to your wedding day. Flowers are an important part of creating the feeling or setting the mood for your wedding with their beauty, color, elegance, and style. From our experience is a form of expression!

Gone are the days of DIY flowers for weddings. Brides across the world are beginning to understand the importance of floral design. Just as the bride’s wedding dress greatly impacts the feeling and style of the wedding, so do the flower arrangements.

With flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors, there is no limit to what can be done.

From simple, island-inspired minimal arrangements to elaborate luxury floral

designs, and everything in between, the sky is the limit! And although many couples

still are skeptical about the amount they should allocate to their wedding florals,

we’re always advising our brides and grooms to ensure great floral designs in all the major spaces at a wedding and make flowers a high priority for their wedding!

Great floral designs will be in every image of your ceremony, in your bridesmaid images, reception photos and wedding portraits! You can have the most gorgeous gown, flawless hair and makeup, but if your flowers don’t match the aesthetic something will seem incomplete. Flowers don’t seem like such a frivolous expense when they become a part of the imagery of your wedding day to be remembered the rest of your life!

My favorite Wedding Flowers: Peonies

Peonies: Peonies are native to China and are highly valued, which is why they're often referred to as the 'king of flowers'. They symbolize a happy marriage, prosperity, good fortune, honor and compassion.

Pink peonies are some of the most commonly given. They symbolize the beauty of marriage and are often used in floral bouquets at weddings. Pink peonies can also represent love at first sight.

Additionally, solid floral designs often bring your wedding design together! Flowers can bring together all the colors you want for your wedding palette in a classic, beautiful way. For example, if your colors are a dusty blue, orange, coral, peach, and white, you can have linens and gowns in a dusty blue and let all the other colors come out in stunning floral pieces on each table and in the hands of each bridesmaid. The design will come across much more sophisticated and mature than trying to make that happen without flowers.

We can advise you on amazing florists and floral designs that will make your wedding day even more beautiful! We really thing flowers are a big deal in each wedding! Photographers love taking extra photos of them. Grandparents love “stealing” arrangements at the end of the evening, and your bridesmaids won’t stop squealing when their bouquets arrive. Flowers evoke joy, celebration, and wellness. Wouldn’t you want those qualities infused into your wedding day?

We wholeheartedly believe in utterly romantic wedding design and beautiful florals will make your celebration stand the test of time and create the loveliest wedding memories to cherish forever!

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